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What are others saying about Bamboo?

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Orkla Housecare har alltid vært opptatt av at vårt salgsapparat skal skape verdi for våre kunder. Med Bamboo sørger vi for at vi har både et salgs- og rapporteringsverktøy, som leverer den kvaliteten og behovene et topp moderne salgsstyringsverktøy skal ha.

Med vårt gode samarbeid med Bamboo vil vi også sørge for å ha et ledende verktøy også for fremtiden!

Anders Gåsemyr

Salgsdirektør, Orkla House Care
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Test Testesen

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Ola Nordmann

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Orkla House Care has always been committed to ensuring that our sales corp create value for our customers. With Bamboo, we ensure that we have  a sales- and reporting tool that delivers the quality and features a top modern sales management tool should have.

Through our strong collaboration with Bamboo, we have also ensured that we have a leading tool for the future!

Anders Gåsemyr

Sales Director, Orkla House Care

Empower your decision making by using fresh, real time data

We don't have to wait for sales reports at the end of the month, and you wont have to either. With Bamboo you get your most recent data visualized on both mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

This way, your team has the tools they need to perform even better, available anywhere - at any time.

Our technology was built by, and for, those who love and understand specialist retail

Our philosophy is simple; your data probably contains all the answers you need to become more profitable. However, data within our industry is often fragmented across multiple sources and not always available for analysis.

With Bamboo your valuable data is gathered, cleaned and structured, so that both you and your sales corp can make decisions when you need to make them, not as an afterthought.

Get started in record time

Together with our customers, we have developed a smooth onboarding process to ensure that you get started as quickly as possible.

1. Kick-off meeting

In the kick-off meeting, we map out which modules are useful for you, and what additional functionality is desired, while also creating a plan for go-live.

2. Access to your data

Based on the customization of data visualization you want in Bamboo, you now give us access to all data sources of interest. But don't worry, we will help you every step of the way. Examples of data sources could be either sales data, customer registry, and assortment - or a mix of all.

3. Setup of a test environment

We now set up a test environment where you and your team can review both data and reports before giving the thumbs up, and we go live with the finished application.

4. You are now up and running with Bamboo, usually within a week from the kick-off meeting

Without Bamboo often find that already agreed upon assortment products are missing from the shelves after you physically have checked through the shelves and racks of your customer. and your team sometimes find it difficult to keep track of the current main focus of your company.'s not always easy for your salespeople to prioritize their time correctly in an otherwise busy everyday life.

With Bamboo have control over mandatory assortment and distribution, without the need for physically counting and double checking becomes easy to at all times keep track of ongoing campaigns, competitions, and which products are in focus, and more.

...your team can act on completely fresh data and insights while there's still time to act, and in that way, create value for both your company and your customers.

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