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New sales opportunities, and much more...

Proud supplier to the specialist trade
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Make decisions on daily updated data

We don't have to wait for month-end sales reports, and neither do you. With Bamboo, you can visualize up to date data on both mobile, tablet and desktop.

Now your team has the tools they need to perform even better, wherever they are.

Insights available everywhere — all the time

With Bamboo, you can visualize daily updated data on both mobile, tablet and desktop. This way you and your team get the insights you need in order to perform even better.

Get help planning your day with calendars, maps, and suggestions for who you should visit.
Order store supplies straight from the application and get a full overview of your store materials.
The best dashboards on the market, with full customizability.
Easily order items to stores based on their assortment and/or promotional items.
Get full control of what activities need to be carried out during customer visits and during the sales period in general.
... and much much more.

Moreover, we are constantly developing new features.
Orkla House Care has always been committed to our sales apparatus creating value for our customers. With Bamboo, we make sure we have both a sales and reporting tool, which delivers the quality and needs a state-of-the-art sales management tool should have. Our good cooperation with Bamboo, ensures that we have a leading tool today, and in the future.
Anders Gåsemyr
Sales Director, Orkla House Care

Built for the specialist trade

Our philosophy is simple; your data contains the answers you need to become more profitable. However, data within our industry is often fragmented across multiple sources and not always available for analysis.

With Bamboo, your valuable data is collected, enriched, and structured, so you and your team can make decisions when you need to make them, not in retrospect.

Get started in record time

Together with our customers, we have created a smooth onboarding process that ensures you get started as quickly as possible.

Startup meeting

In the startup meeting, we map out which modules are of benefit to you, and what additional functionality is desired, while also making a plan for go-live.

Access to data

You give us access to the data sources needed to analyze and visualize your sales, and of course we help you every step of the way.

Test environment set up

We are now setting up a test environment, where you and your team can review both data and reports, before you give the thumbs up and we go live with the finished application.

You are now live with Bamboo

The vast majority of businesses are up and running within a week of a startup meeting, depending on data sources and degree of desired tailoring.

Without Bamboo

... you often find that agreed assortment items are missing after you have reviewed the shelves and racks.

... you and your team find it difficult to keep up with the company`s strategy and targets at any given time.

... it's not always easy for your team to prioritize their time in an otherwise hectic day.

With Bamboo

... you have control of mandatory assortment and distribution, without having to manually count items on the shelves.

... you find it easy to keep track of ongoing promotions, competitions and products at all times.

... your team can act on up to date data and insights, creating value for both your business and your customers.

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