Sales analysis

Make better decisions with analytics and dashboards tailored to your industry


Analyze up to date data


Adapted to suppliers of the specialist trade


Flexibility for customization

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1. Easily compare your customers across their chain, region and market.

With Bamboo, you get access to daily sales figures from your customers, and quickly discover which of your stores are doing well and which are not.

2. Discover which of your customers are not following a positive trend

With Bamboo, you can effectively match your customers against other stores in the same chain, or similar stores across the country. A sudden drop in sales at a store can be dealt with - but only if you get the data fast enough.

3. Identify what causes the low performance in record time

The reasons for a sudden drop in sales can be many. With Bamboo you can quickly find the answers. As Bamboo also extracts sales data from your customers, we help you keep track of distribution and products.


Quickly see if your stores have not bought products from the agreed assortment


Discover if campaign products are actually in your customer`s shelves


Find out if your store is following the same smart purchasing trends as others

4. Bamboo allows you to become an even better advisor to your clients


Real-time data lets you act now — not when it's too late


Build stronger and healthier customer relationships


Discover new great sales opportunities, and much more...

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We've gathered all the analyses we believe a modern sales team deserves.

Which customers have a positive trend and which have a negative one.

Gain insight into what sells, and what doesn't sell equally well.

Discover if any of your customers need immediate follow-up.

Find out if there are any chains that should be followed up due to negative trends.

See if you have the speed needed to achieve personal and company goals.

See how much time is spent at each chain, down to activity level.

Get full control of your district

Data driven planning gives the best results, and actions can be taken before it's too late.


Which customers are doing well?


Which customers do not?

Easily find out which products are missing in stores

With good assortment control, you will experience fewer lost sales.


Has the store bought the items that are in focus?


Which stores do not have this item in stock?

Constructive advice during customer visits

Negative trends can be corrected and turned into something positive.


How does this customer compare to other customers in the area?


Why does the store sell so few of this product?

Maintain a sales pace that matches the objectives

Do I reach the budget if I continue at the current pace? Stay in control of your own sales goals with up-to-date reports at all times.


Find out what you can do to achieve your goals.


Compare your sales pace with someone else's.


See the effects of your activities in real time.

Unique benefits for you and your team

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Easily calculate how much of a line of goods is being sold in store
We use POS numbers on stores near the selected store, and selected store, as well as the store chain's POS numbers to calculate how many an item sells in its respective seasons in the area/chain.
Get quick notification when a store is about to run out of an item
Through a virtual inventory based on purchase numbers, we can tell when a store is about to run out of an item, and even better project how much lost sales can become forward in time without a new purchase.
Keep track of duty, focus and top range
Across chains, stores and geographies, you get a full view of where products are most likely to be missing, and importantly how much revenue is about to be lost.
Keep track of duty, focus and top range
Across chains, stores and geographies, you get a full view of where products are most likely to be missing, and importantly how much revenue is about to be lost.

Insights available everywhere — all the time

With Bamboo, you can visualize daily updated data on both mobile, tablet and desktop. This way you and your team get the insights you need in order to perform even better.

Get help planning your day with calendars, maps, and suggestions for who you should visit.
Order store supplies straight from the application and get a full overview of your store materials.
The best dashboards on the market, with full customizability.
Easily order items to stores based on their assortment and/or promotional items.
Get full control of what activities need to be carried out during customer visits and during the sales period in general.
... and much much more.

Moreover, we are constantly developing new features.
Orkla House Care has always been committed to our sales apparatus creating value for our customers. With Bamboo, we make sure we have both a sales and reporting tool, which delivers the quality and needs a state-of-the-art sales management tool should have. Our good cooperation with Bamboo, ensures that we have a leading tool today, and in the future.
Anders Gåsemyr
Sales Director, Orkla House Care

Webinar: Distribution control in the trade

Are you interested in professional replenishment within the distribution profession? We look forward to sharing our experiences and insights — whether you are a user of Bamboo, or not.

24 October 2023

10 a.m. to 10:45 a.m.

Free for all participants

Enjoy your morning coffee while the Bamboo product experts review what defines good distribution control as a supplier to the trade and how to get there. In addition, we will show how we have fully automated the process in our new distribution module and how our customers use it.

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Get started in record time

Together with our customers, we have created a smooth onboarding process that ensures you get started as quickly as possible.

1. Startup meeting

In the startup meeting, we map out together which modules are of benefit to you, and what additional functionality is desired, while also making a plan for go-live.

2. Access to data

Based on what data visualization tailoring you want in Bamboo you now give us access to all data sources of interest. Here we help you absolutely every step of the way.

3. Test environment is set up

We are now setting up a test environment, where you and your team can review both data and reports, before you give the thumbs up and we go live with the finished application.

4th. You are now working with Bamboo! Most often within a week from startup meeting

Without Bamboo

... you often find that agreed assortment items are missing from the shelves after you have gone through the shelves and racks

... you and your team sometimes find it difficult to keep track of what is the main focus of your company right now

... it's not always easy for your salespeople to prioritize their time right in an otherwise hectic everyday life

With Bamboo

... then you have control of mandatory assortment and distribution, without having to manually count items on the shelves

... it will be single to keep track of ongoing promotions, competitions and products in focus at all times, and more

... so your team can act on fresh data and insights, while still having time to act, creating value for both your business and your customers

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With Bamboo you get all your data at your fingertips.
You get everything you need from analytics and dashboards, right out of the box.
In addition, it is possible to customize everything, including reports, analyses and features.
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